Micro Madness consulting
We are first and foremost consultants.

Our function is to enhance your productivity and to ensure that all of your tools work naturally. We can do this because we use the same tools that you do, every day.

Clients Some of our clients include the Hayden Planetarium's new digital dome, Columbia University's Graduate School of Architecture, School of Engineering's Gateway Lab and New York University's CADA facilty. All told, we have set up and administered hundreds of Silicon Graphics and Apple workstations in educational and commercial production environments. In addition, we consult anywhere you are, from just down the hall to California, and even as far as South America and Europe.
Our team's knowledgebase allows us to easily integrate various platforms to work harmoniously. The difference between data and information is control. If your Mac won't talk to your UNIX workstation or PC, knowledge can not flow from one employee to the next. If you aren't using your computers, why do you have them?
Expertise Our areas of expertise include all flavours of UNIX (though we are biased towards IRIX :-), all Apple products, heterogeneous network design and integration, workflow management, and pre-press and post-production solutions.