Micro Madness networking
From sharing an Appletalk printer between two Macintoshes to implementing a four hundred node fully switched 1000Mps ethernet TCP/IP design studio, our network engineers can provide you with the necessary guidance to find a solution that will meet your high-bandwidth needs of tomorrow within the constraints of this year's budget.

Our team of network specialists is equally adept at pulling cable and patching up drywall as it is at integrating multiple platforms on your network. Our clean installations are legendary - that's why we have been selected to design and install networks for many of New York's top art galleries.

clients Our clients include Weidlinger Engineering (designers of the Georgia Dome and Javits Convention Center in New York) who recently moved and for whom we designed a 500 port data/voice network to meet their needs into the next century.

For TransImage we designed a smaller (80 node) Mac network which has managed to keep up with their amazing growth (we saw the trend towards 100Mbit networks years before others, and have ensured a growth path for many years.)

Cybersites is using a combination of Apple and Silicon Graphics workstations to create and author content for their forthcoming CD-ROM mystery, SPQR.