Micro Madness philosophy

Work should be fun...

We pour over every industry rag that finds its way into our mailbox because we'd be doing that even if we had real jobs. We use the technology we recommend, and have first hand experience with the problems you will encounter, and in turn, the solutions you will need.

Use the right tool...

Every tool has an application. (Well, most do.) It is important to the creative professional to use the appropriate implement to achieve the envisioned results. There is no room for personal biases against large, monolithic software companies if it happens that they have a product of value to your business. Ditto hardware.

We have in our facility a herd of Silicon Graphics workstations, but they are not the answer to every question. So we use some Macs. We even have PC's (though we disdain them). Until SGI makes a $2,000, 4lb Onyx notebook, capable of running Quicken or Excel better than a Wintel subnote, then there will be a place for all environments in our office.

Why do people buy the cheapest computer?

Would you buy the absolute cheapest house you could find? Cheapest car? Cheapest wine? TV? So why, in particular in the PC world, do people often shop on price alone?

Quality, price, performance. You can have only two.