Micro Madness sales
We pride ourselves on not being box-pushers. We are a Value Added Dealership, providing integrated solutions.

We sell or support the following hardware and software products in the solutions we provide. (This list is by no means complete.)

Please note that there are territorial restrictions on the sales of some products. Please call or email us for information.

  • Silicon Graphics
    Workstations, servers and graphical supercomputers.

  • BlueArc
    High speed storage and disaster recovery solutions.

  • Scitex Digital Video
    Abekas Diskus DDRs.

  • Accom
    WSD Xtreme DDRs.

  • Ciprico
    High speed, high capacity disk arrays.

  • Hewlett-Packard
    Printers for all environments.

  • Extreme Networks
    High speed switching and networking.

  • Wacom
    Drawing tablets.

  • Alias|Wavefront
    Premiere 3d creative environment for Silicon Graphics workstations.

  • Adobe
    Top illustration and multimedia packages for SGI and Apple.

  • Xaos Tools
    2d and 3d image processing and creative packages for SGI.

  • Metatools
    Kai's Power Tools. 'Nuff said.

  • Netscape
    Web servers and groupware solutions.

  • Oracle
    Industrial strength database software for Silicon Graphics servers.

  • Xinet
    Apple to UNIX integration. FullPress OPI

  • Torque Systems
    Pre-press solutions for the SGI.

  • Quark
    Publishing systems for Apple.

  • Macromedia
    Multimedia creative tools for Apple.